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Build your mental muscle. It’s time to take action, attract more people, and make more sales

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. 

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Say YES to building YOUR mental muscle!

Say YES to taking action.
Say YES to attracting more people, and
Say YES to making more sales!

Here's what we will cover:

  • Day 1 | How to Define Success & Hit your Target of Team & Sales!
  • Day 2 | Setting Goals & Taking Action for the MOST Amazing YEAR Ever!
  • Day 3 |  How to Get Unstuck & Experience Possibilities like Never Before!

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  • Hosted by your very own Debra D. Wood

  • Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Confidence Coach 
  • Multi-passionate Entrepreneur since 1996
  • Owner of successful businesses: Paper Sack Promotionals and Teams of Tomorrow
  • Published author with Frog Street Press


  • #1 Simplify Your Sales Processes - Super simple and taking focus, intentional action making a difference in your life + biz.
  • #2 Overcome Fear - See behind the scenes of Debra’s fears and how each step has wins & failures tied right in.
  • #3 Keep The One Thing, The One Thing - It is SO easy to get sidetracked each day. Learn how to know the right next step from moment to moment and how to focus on THAT!
  • #4 Prioritize Revenue Generating Activities - Know the exact steps that are right for you and start building the life/business you deserve.
  • #5 Make A Decision To GET RESULTS - You are going to leave this workshop with the ability to make a decision and love the results! 
  • #6 Identify Limiting Beliefs - Debra will help you kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and start trusting the person in charge .. and that’s YOU!
  • #7 Set Goals And Put Action To It - Learn how to see what it is really possible for you!
  • #8 Create A Daily Action Plan - During our time together, you will identify that one BIG THING and take intentional action to crush it! 

Yes, I am ready to create something DIFFERENT!


Mark your calendar for Monday, April 17th, Tuesday, April 18th and Wednesday, April 19th 11amPT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET
for the FREE 3-Day Challenge!

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Is the inner critic inside your head talking TOO loud?

"I knew I could do it! I felt I could do it! I left the training PUMPED! Like I was on TOP of the WORLD! YES, I was all in! A week passed, a month passed and sales weren't happening like I thought they would!"


Have you felt your confidence crushed?

"I prepared my materials. My zoom was ready and then only one person showed up!" 


Are you curious how to get back to "that place"?

"I was SO excited when I signed up for this! I LOVED what I do & now it just all isn't going the way I thought it would!"

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