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From the Heart

We were so blessed to have Debra! She raised the roof with her positive attitude & motivation for everyone to face our fears & RISE! - Jan



Are YOU & Your Group Ready to Grow?

As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer and Confidence Coach, I want to help you unlock your treasure chest full of YOUR resources helping you, your group, tribe, organization or business learn and grow mindset, leadership, communication. Let's connect and explore what good things are in store for you!


The Leadership Roundtable Experience - A Fun, Interactive Way to assess Communication, Address difficult topics, and Identify Strengths & Weaknesses in your Team!

Through thought provoking questions, individual reflection, and ideological debates, any group will understand one another more deeply in order to perform more effectively. This time together with your team will help lead the conversation into how an organization can improve in their areas of weakness and enhance their strengths. 8 to 10 participants is the ideal number. Watch the video below and if this is something that would serve you and your group, let's chat!


Mindset, Leadership and Communication

Clients describe Debra as a Speaker, Trainer & Confidence Coach! And YES, you can call her that too! Contact her below to discuss how she can help you and your team discover new ways to grow.


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